Sunday, 2 June 2013

Running goals etc

It's been a few days since my last blog and I'm still obsessed with running and it still comprises about 85% of what I talk about. I've spent almost the entire weekend shoving Map My Run in my parents' face; "LOOK HOW FAR I WENT MUM!!! Could you even WALK that far?" (She could, she's in good shape, but I'm smug). To my sister: "I know you're REVISING for A-LEVELS but, SERIOUSLY, I just ran FOUR POINT SIX KILOMETRES?!" Etc, etc.

I am now beginning to get this image of myself in my head as someone that could happily knock out an ultramarathon next weekend if need be, which isn't very good for my mental health as every time I am out running again I am like...."Oh. 25 minutes. Definitely enough. How depressing". But, anyway.

My addiction to running is mainly borne from my addiction to
A) Statistics
B) Pride
C) Vanity
D) Smugness
E) The 'MapMyRun' iPhone app
F) My excellent Fitness playlist
G) Breaking records
H) My lifelong Type A personality

rather than any particular enjoyment of running itself, much as I don't hate it. This means we must continue to move swiftly onwards so I don't get bored, and I have set a few GOALS for myself.

  1. By the end of June I must finish couch to 5k. Assuming I am not in some accident I should manage to achieve this pretty easily as I am only 8 runs away from this elusive target.
  2. On the 21st July I am running the Race for Life. No, seriously! This will, of course, be my first ever race. I'm hoping to raise a few quid for charity in the meantime as well. I don't have any time target as it's my first race ever and I don't want to put myself under unnecessary pressure - I also might be running it with other people who have both more and less experience than me so it's probably not going to be a true reflection of the time I am capable of (making excuses already?). But I want to run it all and not stop to walk even once - that's the goal. This is already booked and signed up for so BETTER ACTUALLY BOTHER TO COMPLETE couch to 5k LOL.
  3. In the meantime  as soon as I have graduated couch to 5k I am jumping straight on to Bridge to 10k. 
  4. .....With the idea of running a 10k in the autumn. I know, that's crazy. But why not? I want to get my 5k race over and done with first before I book anything especially because I'd have to make sure I had room in my hectic diary (it's so difficult being me). But you know, loads of people run 5ks. Not so many people run 10ks. It's an achievement, yes?

When I first wrote about my public transport fantasies of marathons on this blog, it was obviously a fantasy, but a fantasy in the same way as when I was 9 I used to daydream about being picked to play Hermione in the Harry Potter films, but then in the end I didn't even bother to audition. That kind of fantasy.
I wouldn't yet say a marathon is my 'goal' like running the Race for Life is my concrete 'goal'. But the marathon is beginning to become a bit more of a 'dream' than a 'fantasy' (I am making literally no sense). I honestly am beginning to think that if I tried hard enough I could actually do it. Just IMAGINE the blog post I would write. You would all love it. 

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