Thursday, 16 May 2013

Weight loss or lack thereof

Well it's mid-May and I'm exactly the same weight as I was at Christmas.

I am inspired to write this blog as it has just occurred to me that it was at this EXACT point last year that I decided to lose weight and I actually did. I'd been umm-ing and aah-ing about the idea of weight loss for much much longer than that (as most women who are over a size 8 probably do) but it was then that I decided enough was enough.

When I first weighed myself last May before I decided to lose weight I was horrified and went at it hard.

I'd lost half a stone within the first three weeks and by July had lost a whole stone.

In about July there was a few weeks where I couldn't really be arsed properly and lots was going on. I put on HALF A STONE so towards the end of July I was half a stone lighter than what I started (are we all still following here?)

This is when I joined Weight Watchers. This went REALLY well at first and although the weight loss was slower, I lost a whole stone in between joining and going on holiday in October. So I went on holiday in October a whole stone and a half lighter than I had been when I'd first weighed myself in May last year right before the Jubilee bank holiday weekend.

However... I went on holiday, and then it was Christmas, and now it is now, and I have just not got back on track. I have been oscillating around the same 5lbs since Christmas and have weighed myself last week as being exactly the same weight as I was on my first weigh in on January 2013. Generally, I am weighing 8-10lbs more than I was in October so roughly just under a stone than The Fattest Ever.

It goes without saying that I need to sort my life and myself out. The problem is that I have all these good intentions but then something like this happens:

  • I have a bad day
  • A spontaneous event happens
  • I go to the pub
  • I am tired
  • It's raining
  • Etc

And I'm thrown off for a whole week! 
I've decided now that I've got to be realistic. I am never going to be a size 8 because I just love food too much. And don't give me that 'you can love food and eat clean' crap. I love chips, I love kebabs, I love greasy Chinese, I love pizza, I love burgers, I love expensive syrupy coffees, etc etc. Is this a crime? I just need to learn to CONTROL myself when I get onto these things. 

So here comes my new set of goals. This is to achieve from exactly one month today, 16th June.

  • Complete the couch to bloody 5k (the bane of my life at the moment is trying to nag myself to do this)
  • Lose 5lb 

And that will be enough. Let's get on it.


  1. You can do it, starting of often the hardest bit!

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