Sunday, 7 April 2013

Crawling back and couch to 5k

Well everyone I'm very sorry because it is pretty official that I am the worst blogger ever.

I am sorry to wheel out the world's most pathetic cliché but... I have been really busy. I have been working a lot and had a lot going on personally. Nothing dramatic or serious, but I just haven't had much free time. When I have had free time I've spent it hooked up on a drip to all the period dramas on Netflix.

Weight loss has kind of taken a back seat. I haven't gained any significant weight but I haven't lost anything significant either. Since Christmas I have been losing and gaining the same 4 pounds consistently.

I think I need a shake up in my routine and am considering taking an absence of leave from Weight Watchers and trying to do it 'on my own' for a bit. I've explained before that a few times I've lost weight through calorie counting. Although over a long period of time this doesn't work and destroys your soul, it is quite a good way to lose weight quickly - as you can eat whatever you want as long as you don't eat too much, and it incentivises you to exercise. I'm not sure though. I'll think about it.

However, I am quitting any kind of diet for the next week as I am on holiday from work and have lots of things going on and just can't be bothered to care at the moment. Monday 15th I am back on it hard, but now I am just going to take it easy for a bit.

I might as well end with some good news: I promised the blog at the beginning of the year I would start couch to 5k in April, and true to my word on the 1st April my running playlist was completed and off I went! I've completed all 3 week 1 runs and one of the week 2 runs now. According to my fancy iPhone app I should be able to run 5k by the end of May at this rate. Whether this will be the case is yet to be seen (I simply cannot imagine myself EVER being able to do that, let alone in UNDER TWO MONTHS TIME) but I am pretty determined to keep going at the moment.

I am still daydreaming on the tube a lot about one day doing the London Marathon. I am debating whether to sign up for 2014. On one hand, this is ridiculous and terrifying as at the moment I am finding 'Running 90 seconds, walking two minutes' a gruelling regime. On the other hand, how am I ever going to achieve any of my goals without crazy impulse decisions like signing up to do a major athletic event when I am the most unfit person ever? Who knows. The main thing that makes me want to do the London Marathon is that I know that literally no one who knows me thinks that I would ever be capable of doing it. And I just can't help keep fantasising about the photograph of me and my medal that will be full page in the Metro.

Oh well, maybe 2015 will be better? Who knows. Any advice would be great. I will try to post again soon, I have loads of recipe photos lined up so I will try to write them all up!

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