Thursday, 1 August 2013

August goals

I want to start setting myself monthly goals in various categories in an attempt to try to a) blog more and b) gain focus. So here we go for August.

General weight loss
Josh and I are off on an all inclusive holiday to Tunisia in the final week of August. All inclusive sounds pretty dangerous and I certainly don't intend to exercise when I am there. August also happens to be both mine and Josh's birthday month AND I have another week holiday from work too (which will be a seaside staycation). So I think any weight loss this month is a little overrambitous. However, I don't want to put on heaps of weight either - so my goal is to start September weighing no more than 3lbs more than I started August. So basically, be good most of the time before I go on holiday, and when I'm there try not to go TOO crazy.

For the entirety of August I am going to give up morning snacking. Afternoon snacking is a bit different as the gap between lunch and dinner is wider and sometimes involves a workout but there is no point really to morning snacking and I can definitely go between breakfast and lunch without any sugary treats.

General fitness
Apart from when I'm abroad, I want to get in at least 3 workouts every week for the duration of August. These will probably all be running... Let's face it, I'm a running addict and not a huge fan of most other exercise... But they do not HAVE to be running.

Complete a full 5k with no walk breaks. Sounds easy as I've done it loads of times now but as I referred to in my last post 'the pox' has really knocked my fitness but I want to get it back up to scratch ready for some 10k training.

General health/well being 
Drink two litres of water every day. I don't drink anywhere near enough water - I'm a diet fizzy drink addict and also love my coffee.

Write at least one blog every week, apart from when on holiday.

Wish me luck! I'll review and set some more in September.

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