Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Well I am on holiday from work this week and I am loving it. I love being a bit more chilled and having more time to get on with things. However, today is a far from exemplary day for food but I said I would be honest so I am going to.

I didn't exercise today but I don't feel guilty about it. I have worked out the past five consecutive days and my calves were beginning to scream for a break, and I don't want to do myself an injury after all. But it's back on that wagon tomorrow!

8.45am - breakfast

Special K red berries with semi skimmed milk

I actually had a super healthy breakfast planned to share with you guys today - all week I've been having yogurt with fruit and nuts. But the strawberries had gone all mouldy so I improvised with the contents of my parents' kitchen...

9.30am - cup of caramel coffee with semi skimmed milk

I stole the coffee from my sister (if you're reading this - apols). Had quite a productive morning, helped my mum with lots of bits on the computer and then tuned up my grandad's laptop for him (can you tell who the IT wizard is in the family?) Amazingly though I didn't get dressed until right before lunch, which is of course compulsory during annual leave.

1.15 - Lunch
2/3 of a portion of Weight Watchers one-pot carbonara
French bread

The other day I made this carbonara from a recipe in Weight Watchers magazine. It was amazing at the time. We had 2 portions left over and mum, me and sister split it between the 3 of us with some nice French bread.

Olives (some in spicy sauce, some with garlic and mushroom, some with feta)

Mum and I LOVE olives so I picked these up yesterday when I went to visit stalls at our local folk festival, Folk Week. These were delicious, we shared about half of the punnet and are saving the rest for now. I could eat nothing but olives for a week and be so happy (the olive detox?!)

Coconut ice

This is a tiny piece, seriously! Badly scaled photo! Also picked up some of this from the fudge stall in Folk Week. I seriously love coconut.

Viennese whirl 

And to top off that veritable feast of a lunch, another sugary baked good.

During the afternoon Mum and I went out to run some errands around town. We saw a dress and shoes I fell in love with for my holiday and Mum treated me to them as it's my birthday next week so already lovely. I also bought two more Barry M Gelly nail varnishes for my ever expanding collection and some sea salt spray to at least vaguely attempt to get some kind of nice beach hair on holiday. I am not a beauty blogger but regardless check out Barry M Gelly in 'Lychee'. I love it!

Barry M Gelly nail varnish in 'Lychee' - £3.99 (NOTE- did not consume)

8.45pm - Dinner

BBQ chicken and bacon pizza 

I know, I know, this doesn't really scream FITBLOG but oh well. I ate with my sister when she got home from work. We each had 3 slices of this and the other 2 are earmarked for yet another leftover lunch.


Sugar ring donut

I know, I know - could I be any more of an unhealthyness cliche? My sister brought them home from work. In her own words "My colleagues were surprised I chose the ring donuts as they are not filled with anything, but all I could say was that they are filled with happiness". Fair enough.

I can't really say anything good about today's eats, but one day you will read a WIAW from me and it will be full of chia seeds and quinoa, and that day is unlikely to be during August as let's face it my birthday month containing 2 separate holidays was always a bit of a write off. I have NOTHING going on in September - no birthdays, no time off, no special events, nothing (apart from the fact I'm casually moving house and all but...) so during September I will be on the wagon big time, just in time for the new academic year!

See you on Friday for weekly summary goodness....


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