Sunday, 4 November 2012

Thursday Food Diary #3 (Hilariously off-plan)

Hello! I have returned from my lovely holiday in the sun. I had a great time on holiday, this is what I did:

  • Read
  • Eat
  • Sleep
It was ace! I read loads of books, which is great because I love reading but - violins please - in my busy working life, don't often find the time. I feel really relaxed and revitalised now, which is great, as it is now back to a gruelling fascist Weight Watchers regime for me. Quite strangely after having 8 days so wildly off plan I have quite missed tracking and adding things up (what can I say, I'm a maths lover) and am also quite looking forward getting back to eating healthily. Studying my holiday pictures, in some of them I actually look about six months pregnant simply because of the food I've just consumed, which isn't great. I dread to think how much weight I've gained - I forgot to weigh myself before I left in my HOLIDAY EXCITEMENT, but will indeed be doing a post holiday weigh in tomorrow before the official Thursday weigh in. It's going to be so horrific I find myself curious. ANYWAY.

Breakfast - 11am ish

Smoked salmon and poached egg, with cream cheese sauce thing

This is actually an adapted version of a six point recipe from my Weight Watchers cookbook, believe it or not, but as I didn't weigh anything and had to substitute loads of the ingredients with 'more cheese' I am assuming that it's probably closer to around 10/11 points. It's nice, but not as good as this other AMAZING COOKED BREAKFAST THING we had all the time on holiday which is ACTUALLY LITERALLY WEIGHT WATCHERS FRIENDLY. Watch this space for a recipe!

Lunchtime - around 2pm

Salad with Parma ham, chorizo, goats cheese, olive, bread and (unpictured) Caesar dressing

Again, you might think 'salad? That sounds totally healthy' but it's a sad fact that despite calling this a salad only 1 ingredient of this whole dish is nil points (lettuce). Everything else is just my favourite lunchtime foods, all mixed up and called a salad because there's lettuce with it. There's a skill in that.


My boyfriend was like 'why would you want to eat that? It looks all knobbly' but little did he know that those knobbly bits are BITS OF CHEESECAKE. I know, you can't even make this stuff up. 


When in Rome.

Also, I thought I'd just give you a peek of the view from my sunbed that afternoon:

Bliss, isn't it? I am now living vicariously through my own life three days ago. Three days ago! 

Dinner - 8pmish

Bread, olives, and some tomatoey type dressing thing

Literally amazing.

Baked goats cheese and potatoes

Unfortunately I did actually go back to this restaurant a couple of days later and had a better, more photogenic meal, but I don't want to lie to you about Thursday. Anyway, I love goats cheese SO much so this was ace.

Smoked salmon pasta

This was really nice but I feel a little bit bitter looking back on this as I could have made a similar meal at home for literally probably about a third of the calories, but there you go eh. 

Also, my 'date' wanted me to post a picture of his lasagne because he likes to feel included. So there you go.

Anyway, DESSERT:

Profiteroles and ice cream

Bailey's Latte with cream (!)

That's finally everything, and you can see what I mean about the six months gone food baby thing, I mean seriously just imagine. Stay tuned for the weigh in tomorrow, which should be slightly shocking as this wasn't even the day I ate the most. :|

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