Thursday, 25 October 2012

Thursday Food Diary #2

Well I have completed another Thursday food diary and successfully photographed everything I ate. Today I stuck to 26 points DESPITE A NANDO'S which is pretty amazing if you ask me. Normally I would have gone a bit harder in Nando's and used a few weekly points, but as I have got my holiday Sunday->Sunday I thought I had better stick to dailies whilst in England for the next two weeks.

Breakfast: 6am
Chocolate Oat So Simple Sachet: 3 points
1/4 pint of skimmed milk: 1 point
Rest of milk for day: 1 point
Raspberries: 0 points
Blueberries: 0 points
Total : 5 points
You can't even tell that's chocolate flavour really but it is and it's amazing. I am such a child when it comes to breakfast. I haven't had a single bowl of cereal since I started Weight Watchers and you know what? I DO MISS COCO SHREDDIES, TIME TO ADMIT IT. But chocolate flavour porridge is still great for a dark and chilly morning.

Snack: 9.45am
Satsuma: 0 points
I've only got into satsumas recently (I always used to chuck them out when I was given them in my packed lunches at school, fact fans) but I think they're great! By the way, satsuma fans, these are from Tesco and are an absolute dream to peel.

Snack: 11am
Weight Watchers Caramel Mallow: 1 point

Didn't have enough points for cookies today (I wanted at least a FAIRLY comprehensive Nando's) but I think a caramel mallow is quite a good substitute. These taste like pure sugar which is all you really want in a snack really isn't it. I think they are quite an impressive size for 1 point! 

Lunch: 1pm

Vegetable curry: 0 points
Mini Wrap: 3 points
Pineapple: 0 points
Weight Watchers Raspberry Tart Dessert Yoghurt: 1 point
Sugar Free Jelly: 0 points

Calling that a vegetable curry is probably an insult to India, but this is basically what it is: loads of vegetables in passata with curry powder. However, it is YUM. The wrap is tiny for 3 points which is annoying but that's life. A bit bizarre to have a plain wrap with a curry but I can't eat a meal without carbs. 
The Weight Watchers yoghurts are nowhere near as nice as the M&S yoghurts that I had last week (the KINGS of yoghurts) but they are a point less I guess. I had it mixed in with the pineapple but it didn't look very appetising like that for the photo.
Sugar free jelly was earmarked for a snack later in the afternoon but I was hungry then so just had it. Mango & Passion Fruit is a pretty rank flavour by the way. Raspberry & Cranberry all the way.

Snack: 4pm
Apple and grape snack pack: 0 points

'Any 3 for £1.50' is a total con. They're 50p each!!! 

Dinner (NANDO'S): 6pm

Quarter chicken: 3 points
Chips with Peri Peri salt: 9 points
Halloumi: 2 points
Garlic Peri Sauce (not pictured): 1 point
Total = 15 points
This is my face being happy because I am at Nando's surrounded by AMAZING yet LOW POINT food. I bloody love Nando's. As said before, if I had my weeklies I'd have gone for a comprehensive Nando's. This is a picture of my friend Luke and his comprehensive Nando's:
A picture to demonstrate just how much I wanted every bit of chicken I could get:


After dinner Luke and I walked around quite a bit and ended up in Knightsbridge. We even went to Harrods and wandered round the food hall (amazing). We walked past so much amazing food all round yummy mummy land, and I even watched Luke eat an amazing cookie, and I managed to resist ALL of it! Gold star for me. I feel better for it as I still feel super full and satisfied but NOT GUILTY. Also the walking must have done some good too!
And I still had room for something sweet and yummy...

9pm: Snack
Galaxy Bubbles Orange Hot Chocolate: 1 point

Galaxy Bubbles Orange Hot Chocolate is my new fave. However my attention span when it comes to hot chocolate is vaguely worrying  - I currently have no fewer than FIVE different varieties open in the cupboard, but whatever.

Total for day: 26 points

So I did it! A lovely satisfying meal and it's not as if I really suffered the rest of the day for it, and stuck to points completely. Just shows it's possible, eh. I think I probably will still take pictures of everything I eat next Thursday when I'm on holiday, for the lols, but obviously won't post them until the following week and they won't be pointed! 


  1. So much love for Nando's! Great food choices, I love posts like these as it always inspires me when it comes to my own food choices! Look forward to seeing more posts like this soon :)


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