Monday, 4 March 2013

Monday roundup #2

So this week I put on 0.3lb. Eeek. Could have been so much worse though - that's barely anything and I went, as usual, wayy off track. On Saturday my sister and I went for a proper slap up meal at Wetherspoons - gourmet burger, chips AND onion rings - and on Sunday I had The Greatest Roast on Earth cooked by my boyfriend's lovely mum. It was a proper dodgy weekend and I didn't track any of it, oops. Still though, it was a completely dry week which I think helps.

The other day I read a great post about staying motivated and it has inspired me. Today is the 4th March and I have decided that every day until the 4th April I will track everything I eat - even if it ends up going over my points. This gives me a realistic target and hopefully I can stay on track.

I think I was probably saved from a bigger gain last week because of a few punishing workout sessions so again trying to hit the exercise hard this week. As I type this I am aching like hell from a class earlier on so I am glad it appears to be making some kind of difference.

This week is a bit of an odd one - it's massively deviating from my routine because of one thing or another (you know how nothing ever happens to you and then everything happens all in one week?) but I am feeling determined to stick to weight loss anyway-  however it's going to involve a lot of guesstimation at times where I can't plan my food. Oh well, onwards and downwards!

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