Monday, 25 February 2013

Monday roundup #1

I've decided I am going to do weekly Monday roundups! I wonder how many weeks this will last before I give up, but whatever.

This week I lost 2.9lbs, woo! I am still basically back to where I started because of my constant yo-yoing putting weight on and losing it again, but I am determined that this week will NOT be a gain week.

At the weekend I booked a holiday to Rome in May! I am so excited. I'm going with one of my female friends which is going to be ace as I've never actually been on holiday with a friend before. Anyway, I really want to go to Rome looking vaguely non-fat, classy and Italian so my motivation is back on track!

Perhaps even more importantly, I'm merely weeks away now from my sister's 18th birthday weekend in April. She is coming to stay with me in London and we have got SO MUCH amazing stuff planned. There will be loads of photos and I want to remember myself as looking good, not fat! So more more motivation. 

Last week I was pretty good but not angelic - had a night out which I didn't strictly track, oops, so this week I've got to be super angelic so it doesn't all catch up with me. Last week I tried a couple of new classes at Frame - Pilates and 80's Aerobics. I enjoyed 80's Aerobics but the time of the class wasn't the most convenient for me so I won't be making it weekly, and Pilates just wasn't my cup of tea unfortunately (I just do not seem to have as flexible knees as normal people?!). I'm going for Commercial Hip Hop this week, I just hope I don't look like an idiot as I can't dance but dancing is just so much fun!

I am becoming a little addicted to cardio and obsessed with becoming better and not going more than a couple of days without exercising in case my fitness drops again. This is obviously a good thing and I will try to keep it up! The second the clock hits April I am seriously on this couch to 5k hard!

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