Monday, 9 September 2013

Already brushing off that dust

So I followed Weight Watchers for a week and...

gained 0.2lb. Hmph. I still have 20.3lbs to lose until goal.

But it could have been worse as

  • I went over by 17 points
  • I didn't really take a very fascist approach to Weight Watchers and guesstimated points of loads of things
  • I did absolutely NO exercise WHATSOEVER
so I don't think really what is essentially a 'stay the same' is that tragic. CONSIDERING.

However, at least I achieved the goal of tracking Weight Watchers for the whole week, and it had been the first time I'd done that in about 3/4 months, so every victory. This week I am feeling a bit more confident I can do well as

  • I've sorted my life out in advance a bit better e.g. bought things to make lunch with/planned dinners/allowed for social events etc
  • I am back in the running game!

Today I ran about as fast as if I was trudging through lard but managed to knock back 2.28 miles in half an hour with only like one 30 second walk break, which I don't think is too bad seeing as I literally have done no running whatsoever for weeks. I am back on a running plan which involves tick boxes and achievements and so on which I feel is a good thing for me as when I just run aimlessly when I feel like it, it is so so easy to not bother to go. But now, you know, I have a PLAN. I must stick to it. 

Right now I feel really great and buzzing which is why I know it is really good for me to go running and I definitely need to carry on and not let myself lapse out of it again! 

A bit busy at the moment as I'm still preparing to move flats and work is pretty hectic, plus a few of my good friends all seem to have moved to London all at once which is so great but does mean weeknights are getting pretty jammed! But I do want to start getting some recipes all up online soon!

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