Monday, 23 September 2013

Winter is coming

I can't believe how nearly I just started this blog post "Dear all" - clearly I write too many emails for my own good. Anyway, back on to business. It has been a poor week for weight loss as I have somehow managed to put on 2.7lb(!) which has literally put me straight back to square one with 21lbs still to lose. At first I was all, how have I managed that?! I've been surviving on bananas and cous cous! But then I remembered last week:

  • I went to TGI Fridays
  • I had a 'small night out' involving a cocktail or four
  • I went out for a curry
  • I went to McDonald's for a 'team lunch' 
  • My mum and I may have had a bottle of wine
  • I may have had a massive brownie for dessert on Saturday
  • I had a massive carby bolognese on Sunday night
So I guess when you have that many 'slip ups' the fact you are eating a half decent breakfast and lunch on most days doesn't really cut it. Oh well, I have learnt my lesson... kind of. 

As time goes by this blog is becoming less and less about weight loss and more about running. I must admit I am going through a phase where the fact I am a few pounds overweight is not actually bothering me that much. I don't think I look that terrible and I can say, quite confidently, for the first time ever, I am pretty fit. However, I really don't want the pounds to creep on so I am going to keep on going, but take a fairly low key approach to eating and food. However last week was no excuse so I have to do my best to keep mainly on the straight and narrow this week... 80:20 is the aim (whereas last week was more like 20:80).

So as for running....

I am still following my training program (more on that on another post) and it's going fairly well. Monday and Wednesdays are endurance/stamina and the goal is time-based, and Saturdays are fast runs at the moment with the goal distance-based. When I have a distance goal as opposed to "run for 40 minutes" I find myself automatically going faster anyway without even trying hence the fact my Saturday mile time beat by Wednesday mile time by nearly two minutes(!). This week I only have to run for 30 minutes on my Monday and Wednesday runs, but last week I was allowed to take walk breaks if I really wanted and have them count towards my time. This time I can't! I did manage to run 30 minutes today with literally no stopping and it wasn't even too tragic a speed, but towards the end I was feeling pretty exhausted/rough. Oh well onwards and upwards.

I still LOVE running!!! Even when I feel rough at the time, such as earlier, by the time I'm recovered I'm feeling buzzy buzzy buzzy for the whole rest of the evening. I just wish I had the time to run in the early mornings because I would love to have this feeling all day but sadly I get up at 5.45am as it is and I don't think anyone is THAT motivated. 

Sorry that all I am doing at the moment is Monday summary posts, I do have loads of ideas for actual 'content' so bear with me. It's coming. Like winter. Which is definitely coming. It's now dark when I leave the house :'(

PS this is my workout song of the week.

PPS If you want 'fitspiration', watch Spring Breakers.

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