Monday, 16 September 2013

You better work bitch.

So I've lost 2.2lbs, which is AMAZING as it was a dodgy week for food and I was fully expecting a gain. I have 18.1lbs to lose until my goal, so I am kind of getting there, sort of. Basically I feel I have won due to my return to running which has gone ace!

As you can see I am still running crazy slowly - it feels almost unbelievable that I managed a 5k in under 33 minutes only a couple of months ago - but I'd rather run slowly and finish than run too fast then give up. Managing a 40 minute run felt good, towards the end I just felt better and better. Karen Gouger (Sp?!) let me know my goal was in sight and I was sprinting an 8 minute mile and I swear for a second time just stopped and I felt like I could have kept on going forever. (I didn't.) The high is just indescribable, this is why I do it, and I am loving it more than ever.

The week for food, as mentioned, was a little hit and miss, mainly due to spontaneous plans to be honest (forever my downfall) and getting a huge Nando's takeaway without actually checking how much points it all was. I even gave up tracking points around Thursday which is NOT good.

My plan this week is to stick to my 28 points daily except for the social occasions I have already planned in which I will just eat/drink whatever I want. I haven't got too mental a week so I hope that should be okay. I think my main downfall is borrowing from my weekly 'overdraft' when it's just a normal day rather than occasions so I should be alright. I will also not be pointing my pre-run snacks, which are mainly some kind of nut mix as I know it's good for me even though it's super high in calories/points but whatever.

I will leave you with the best workout song ever

and a picture of my new boots, which you can get here, which I am just posting as they have exponentially improved my life in the 3 days in which I have owned them.

Until next week my dears. x


  1. those are gorgeous boots! and congrats with your weight loss!

  2. Great job on the running and the weightloss!

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