Monday, 15 October 2012

Lame introductory post

I am a 22 year old administrator and I live in London with my boyfriend.

I've not always been fat and went through childhood and adolescence being able to eat whatever I wanted and never put on weight which is MAKING THIS SO MUCH HARDER AS I LOVE FOOD SO MUCH ARGH. I've never been rake thin but was always pretty normal until I was about 20 so being fat was a difficult and harsh adjustment. 

I have lost 1st 4lbs via first calorie counting and then Weight Watchers (whirlwind tour - I lost 10lb via calorie counting - put 7lb back on - went on Weight Watchers - lost the rest, s-l-o-w-l-y). I started calorie counting at the end of May 2012, lost a fair amount of weight pretty quickly, put most of the weight back on pretty quickly, then went on Weight Watchers in mid-July 2012 and am losing weight via 'the scenic route'.

When I started I was closer to being obese than normal, a fact which TERRIFIED ME TO MY VERY CORE and is what forced me into doing this, but I am now a healthy weight. However I still have a pretty long way to go - I'm not even half way to my goal yet, although my goal is a weight I haven't been since I was about 12 so maybe a LITTLE overambitious. But we will see.

I am not writing this blog to impart my wisdom on the world as believe me I am not some kind of weight loss expert, I am in fact indeed a total weight loss NOVICE. However, I really need a kick up the arse and something to be accountable to and maybe if I give this a go it will help. 

Here are some facts you probably need to know about my weight loss and will help you understand why it is properly slow (and hence the 'Lazy' in the title).

  • I really hate exercise and don't do much at all.
  • I have not really changed my social life whatsoever. I eat out once or twice a week and go out fairly often. (Fairly). (Probably not as much as I should seeing as I'm only 22 but WHATEVER.)
  • I've had about 3 weeks out of my 14 on Weight Watchers when I've managed not to have a single point over my dailies and weeklies... and most weeks I am fairly significantly over.

So that's why I think Weight Watchers is amazing, as despite the fact I completely take the piss and treat it like crap half the time I have still lost 1st 4lb. SO IT'S TIME TO GET ON IT PROPERLY, EH?

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