Thursday, 25 October 2012

Thursday Weigh In #2

Well today I have..

lost 0.2lb!

I know, 0.2lb. LOL. Specifically according to my scales, 100grams. I know this is barely worth recording and is basically a stay the same, but when you're in the dark unmotivatey place I currently reside, EVERY GRAM COUNTS. This is totally going up on the sidebar.

Obviously as a whole I'm disappointed as I really wanted to shift my gain from last week and I haven't, but taking into account my week and blog on Monday I think this was really the best I could have possibly hoped for, so thank you Weight Watching Gods.

As said, I am going to do a special 'pre-holiday' weigh in on Sunday morning so I can accurately measure how much I end up gaining on holiday. Today I will take pictures of everything I eat again for Thursday Food Diary. This includes a Nando's (!) so wish me luck!

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