Monday, 4 February 2013

Horrific weigh in, yet again

So I gained a pound. NO! Now I have 30lbs to lose. NO! I am officially, more than ever, going backwards. NO!

Still though, I can't say I'm surprised - it was an awful week for food last week stuck here on my own. Now I am feeling a renewed sense of positivity and productivity. Sort of.

I've decided I'm going to stick to 29 points a day. My dailies have gone up to 28 but I'm going to treat them as if they're 29 - this is a much more sustainable day for me and means that I can pretty much avoid being hungry (always a danger zone). As I will be using one weekly per day on this then that means I will have 42 weeklies left. The rules are that I can use these whenever I want but only if I am with someone else who is also having whatever I am having. E.g. if I am meeting my friend for coffee, I can get a coffee as well and use my weeklies for it. If I am out for a drink, I can have a glass of wine when my friend has a glass of wine. On Saturday I'm cooking my parents dinner, so I will eat what they are having. Etc.

I think this is the best way as I am forever wasting weeklies on sitting in on my own doing nothing/coffees on the way to work/ etc so I am going to take a stand and try to be less of a sad sad eater and more of a normal person. Etc.

Hopefully this will work. In terms of budgeting I went hilariously £17 over budget last week (!) but duly transferred twice that into my savings account like a good person. This was for a good reason though - I am going to see B*Witched, Five, Atomic Kitten et. al. at the end of February! BRING. IT. ON.

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