Monday, 28 January 2013

Weigh in, trampolines, etc

Well I weighed in this morning and have lost....... drum roll..... half a pound. Much as I am tempted to moan at that, it is hilariously my first loss in 3 weeks as I am such a terrible excuse for a human being, so keep positive eh. I am now down to 27 points a day again.

This means that my budget for this week is an impressive £30! However, I am still no closer towards the elusive goals of make up or clothes as I am still in positive figures from my starting weight. How hugely sickening.

Last week I spent £29.54 which is a shocking £4.54 over my budget. As I BROKE THE BUDGET I will transfer TWICE THE DIFFERENCE into my savings account. Well even if my weight loss is pretty unimpressive at least it's making me a bit of a financial hero.

My boyfriend has now gone away and I am here living on my own. This is the longest I will have been without seeing my boyfriend since May 2011. Ever since I moved in to this flat with him in April 2011 this is going to be the longest I have ever stayed in it on my own (as other times I of course, naturally, ran back to my mum, but that was BEFORE I HAD TO BECOME AN ADULT UGH.) As well as the fact I obviously miss my boyfriend like mad, in general him not being around is pretty bad for my weight loss because:

  • My boyfriend is really encouraging with weight loss (in a good way, not in a way that makes me feel like shit) 
  • My boyfriend has lots LOADS of weight himself (a shocking amount, why so much easier for men??), so is really inspirational etc
  • I am a comfort eater and a 'eat because I'm alone' eater.
So this evening I've eaten approx 10000000000000 points. This cannot continue.  HERE IS THE PLAN:

Tuesday: 27 points.
Wednesday: 27 points.
Thursday: 27 points.
Friday: 27 points worth of food. I am then going out. (Long overdue, Soho is calling my name). 15 points max on drinks, less would be better.
Saturday: 27 points.
Sunday: My boyfriend is back and we are going out for a roast. CAN'T WAIT I AM SO EXCITED. Do my best to point it.

Today I did a 'Rebounding' class which is when you bounce around on mini trampolines like a giddy child. I have honestly never done any exercise in my life that has been remotely like it before and IT WAS AMAZING, I am actually considering buying my own mini trampoline so I can bounce about at home but until then I think I am going to make it a regular class. It was super fun but also my calves are burning so think it was probably a good workout. Got loads of other workouts planned this week too - I think my only rest day is going to be Friday, where I will DANCE LIKE CRAZY so hopefully that will count.


  1. That trampolining class sounds great! I have a mini trampoline under my bed, not a clue what to do with it, and I'm always scared it will break!

    1. It was amazing, so different! The legs really burnt but at the same time it was so much fun it didn't feel too much like exercise!


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