Monday, 7 January 2013

2013 Monday food diary 1

Back in London, back to work, back on Weight Watchers. Sigh.

Breakfast - 6am

Oat so Simple Blueberry Flavour - 3 points
Skimmed milk for the day - 2 points
Blueberries - 0 points
Cinnamon - 0 points

This was my first ever try of Blueberry Oat So Simple (one of the kids' packets, as I just can't face breakfast if it doesn't involve a novelty cartoon character) and was fairly impressed, although it still didn't match up to the God of Porridge, Chocolate Oat So Simple (I have a sad, sad little life.)
That looks like insane amounts of porridge but it's because I have a secret: I add a quarter pint of milk and then fill up with boiling water to 200ml before microwaving. It makes it last longer I swear. 

Snack - 9.30am

Grapes - 0 points.

I love grapes. When I was little we never had grapes at home because they were too expensive (and no, I didn't grow up in the forties). So it has been ingrained into me to only buy them rarely and when I have them it feels like a proper treat. I am seriously not joking.

Snack - 11am

Weight Watchers Jaffa Mini Rolls - 2 points

I spotted these in Tesco next to my normal plain chocolate mini rolls and thought I'd give them a go to shake life up a bit. This was my first ever Jaffa Mini Roll. I am sad to report I didn't enjoy it that much and thought it was a bit sickly. I will be sticking to normal Chocolate Mini Rolls in future. 

Lunch - 12.15pm

Warburton Half Pitta - 2 points
Sweet Chilli Philadelphia - 1 point
Wafer thin Chicken - 1 point
Lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes - 0 points

Weight Watchers Toffee Yogurt - 1 point

Pretty standard 'typical' lunch for me when pointing today, I ate the sandwich with a fork and treated it like a salad with bread really. By the way Warburton Half Pittas for 2 points are probably my single best Weight Watchers find so far, what great points value! Even the Weight Watchers brand ones are 3 points, let alone normal supermarket brands which are like 4+!

2pm - Snack
Weight Watchers Oaty Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies - 2 points

These are both mine and my boyfriend's ultimate favourite Weight Watchers branded product. (Yes, we talk about stuff like this all the time. What can I say, two years down the line you don't have much left to talk about.) They are amazing though and because they're only little and there's loads of them you really psychologically feel like you are getting more. I would RECOMMEND. 

5pm - Snack

Pineapple and Grapes - 0 points

By this time I was home and really hungry which is always a difficult time to not go mental, but I was nice and restrained with a fruit salad. I was still proper hungry afterwards but not chewing off my arm as I was previously (well, not literally) so a bit better. I could have had a proper snack if it was not for cruel fate, but MORE ON THAT LATER.

7pm - Dinner 

Easy Sausage Cassoulet - 9 points (this is the 2 leftover portions as I forgot to take a picture of mine OOPS)

I am aware this looks really unappetising but this was actually really nice. It was essentially baked beans, sausages, breadcrumbs and veg. Kind of like those all day breakfasts you get in a can but nicer. You can find the recipe here but it just makes me sad as my photo looks nothing like it. I'm aware the recipe says 11 points, which is what I had planned for this to be, but I actually did not have enough bread for 300g breadcrumbs which must be an INSANE amount of breadcrumbs. I did have enough for 190g breadcrumbs but even then this was very possibly TOO MUCH. So there you go. I had 2 spare points. Which was annoying as I totally could have had a snack when I was sitting on the tube earlier trying not to chew off the handrails, but there you go. 


Meringue Nest - 1
Weight Watchers West Country Reduced Fat Cream - 1
Blueberries - 0

Me and my boyfriend love having meringue nests for desserts as they feel like proper desserts WHEN ACTUALLY THEY ARE LESS THAN A CHOCOLATE MINI ROLL. Mental. A little bit addicted to meringues, not going to lie.

9pm - Snack

Options Vanilla Hot Chocolate - 1 point
Light squirty cream - 1

Totally just had this for the sake of it as I had points to use up, which is the AMAZING THING ABOUT WEIGHT WATCHERS. Having it as writing this post and it's pure luxury!!

Total for day : 27/27 points, 0 weeklies used, 49 remaining. 

As for other things:

Money: Proud to say I have not spent ANY money on anything non-essential today. I'm hoping it can stay that way until Friday as I have no excuse to be honest.
Exercise: I cycled 5k on my home exercise bike - this is pretty pathetic as I used to do like 15k+ but I am easing myself back into being bothered to exercise so I'm not feeling that guilty really. I also walked to the tube rather than getting the bus today - not amazing but EVERY LITTLE HELPS, and also lived my whole day in heels which we know helps with calorie burning. 

So I am feeling pretty successful and positive for the week as I type this! Must stay motivated as at the end of the day, I really do need to lose at least 5lbs so I can allow myself to get some new face powder. In dire need. 


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  1. Looks like a great day of eats, love the meringue!