Monday, 7 January 2013

2013 Weigh In and Look to Week Ahead #1

So, weigh in this morning (week 0) and I have EXACTLY

2 stone

to lose before reaching my goal weight. This is actually slightly less than my last weigh in before Christmas (!) but seeing as I've been fairly good last week and all of December was a write off that's not too much of a miracle.

I've mentioned before, my goal weight is fairly ambitious and 'ultimate'. I would have to lose 1.5 stone/21 lbs to reach the lowest weight I've ever been as an adult and if I couldn't get past that I wouldn't cry too many tears, but I don't want it to be because of lack of trying..

This weekend it's the birthday of one of my best friends on the Saturday and a family meal on the Sunday so am going to save all of my weeklies for then, except on Friday when I have to get up even earlier than the subhuman time I normally get up so will treat myself to some sort of syrupy latte from one of the corporate coffee giants. Other than that I want to spend the whole week bang on plan!

In terms of money obviously week 0 so I just have the basic £25 to spend on frivolities, but nothing too exciting going on this week so hopefully that should be OK. I must admit whilst applying my face powder this morning which has gone beyond 'hitting pan' to 'a few grains left' I did think wistfully of the day I will have lost 5lbs and be able to buy another item of make up, so hopefully this will keep me motivated.

Going to be photographing what I eat for a food diary today so look out for that excitement later.


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