Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Wednesday Food Diary

Good evening all, and we are over halfway through the week!! Cash in. This week I stayed the same weight as last weight which is better than a gain so there you go really.

This is what I ate today, which was a pretty typical day for my life.

Breakfast - 6am
Blueberry Oat So Simple - 3 points
Milk for the day - 2 points
Blueberries - 0

Quarter pint of skimmed milk with my porridge and also used my milk allowance to make two caramel flavour coffees during the day. Oh yes that caramel flavour is 0 points - I strongly suggest you comb the aisle for some Douwe & Egbert's flavoured and it might change your life.

Snack - 9.30am
Red Grapes - 0 points

Snack - 11am
Weight Watchers Oaty Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies - 2 points

Lunch - 12.15pm

Warburton Half Pitta - 2 points
Loads of light cottage cheese with pineapple - 2 points
About a million grams of salad - 0 points
(Unpictured) Weight Watchers chocolate biscuit - 2 points

The lunch was nice but I just couldn't stop myself from eating the chocolate biscuit that was SUPPOSED TO BE MY AFTERNOON SNACK. Fail of life.

Snack - 5.30pm
Apple and grape snack pack - 0

Nice tube action shot there. Due to the lack of afternoon snack I was bloody starving by this point so picked up some cheeky fruit for the commute. (Poetry.)

Dinner - 7pm
Lamb Kofte (from Jamie Oliver's 15 Minute Meals) - 12 points

I'd say it was more like 25 minutes, but well done Jamie. My only real adjustment to the recipe was that I didn't use as much couscous as it said and cooked in Frylight instead of oil. 12 points is still a little steep for a dinner, but it was well worth it! JUST LOOK AT THAT AMAZING LAMB.

Dessert - 7.30pm
Marbled meringue  - 1 point
Little bit of greek yoghurt, little bit of honey  - 1 point (Scientific)

I made this meringue MYSELF I will have you know, and the recipe is coming up soon. I love baking so much but have to resign myself to meringues for now as otherwise I just simply cannot trust myself.

Later on I will have a hot chocolate for 1 point. But no picture as I haven't had it yet and can't be arsed to wait now, sorry!


Total  = 28 points.

Not bad, seeing as dinner was lush! The attempt is going to be to stick to 28 points for the remaining 4 days of the week - wish me luck!! 

About to hit the exercise bike now and aiming for 8k. Tomorrow is my new fitness class EEK. 

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