Monday, 21 January 2013

New week, new foundation

Well as it is Monday I am on a new week but due to various snow-related complications was not able to weigh in this morning and it will have to be tomorrow.

I am not optimistic. As explained yesterday, at the weekend I ate the earth. Pretty much expecting even another gain but tomorrow I am 100% getting back on it (further details below).

Even sadder, today I basically had to accept that my Lancome Teint Idole Ultra foundation had seen better days and it was time to venture off to Superdrug to buy the cheapest foundation they had. For one fleeting moment I thought I might get away with Maybelline Dream Mousse at £4.99 (15 year-old me's go-to make up product of choice) but no such luck. The cheapest foundation in Superdrug was a cool £2.99 and goes by the name of 'Collection 2000 Naturally Matt'.

My sweet beloved Lancome, meet your successor

As said, this Collection 2000 masterpiece was £2.99, less than 10% of the price of Lancome Teint Idole Ultra. I'm yet to try it out on my face but can inform you it smells like biscuits and despite being named 'Ivory' I would describe it more as 'Tangerine'. Oh well, with money saving, you can go hard or you can go home, eh? 

Once I have lost 6.5lbs - or maybe even more if I've gained this week, I will finally gain access to a new make up item, and I'm thinking Estee Lauder Double Wear but what can you do eh? I feel hurt that I am once again wearing the make up I quite literally wore when I was 12, but at the same time it is bloody horrifying when I consider the contents of my make up bag are collectively worth more than my laptop so this is definitely for the best. 

Also did a huge food shop earlier and have lots of lovely food planned for the week. Don't have much going on this week but it's for the best as I want to spend lots of time at home with my boyfriend - as next weekend he's off to bloody China for work. I went to Chelmsford once for my work, he goes to China. Different worlds, eh? I'm not going to have much money anyway as I have spent £16.45 already ordering series 3 of Modern Family (which for some horrific reason is not on Netflix and I can't even comprehend being ready to go on my exercise bike without it). I might crawl back for a repeat Les Mis viewing with my sister at some point though.... (it was predictably amazing). I am not expecting to lose weight and thus gain further budget this week.... sadly enough.

Last week I managed to impressively only spend £23.55 (oh thanks Nando's card) so I am literally about to put £1.45 in my savings account. EVERY PENNY COUNTS. 

I have booked myself to do a new exercise class this week called 'Dancefit' - exciting stuff! I am super, super nervous about going on my own but I am going to try to brazenly have no shame and dance like literally no one is watching. I will write up a review of my experiences after.

I have decided as my day today has already been a fail due to snow situation (plus my own willpower to deal with things when they are not in my routine) I am going to stick to my 28 points per day for the rest of the week. Wish me luck!!! I am going to need it.

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  1. I literally cannot believe you would spend that much money on make up! What is the point? Like really? Nobody apart from maybe Lady Gaga and The Londoner should spend that much money on make up..

    PS. Super jealous of Dancefit, you totes need to blog the experience.