Monday, 14 January 2013

Monday Weigh In - Week 1

So this morning I was super sad as I have put on 1.5lbs. I am now even back up to 28 points which is the highest I have been in a longggggg time.

I am especially sad as I don't feel I was bad enough at the plan to have deserved such a massive gain. I cut a few corners through the week I guess, only did 3 workouts and on Sunday didn't really track, but at the same time I don't feel like I went mad. I have learnt my lesson though and this week WILL try harder, WILL constantly track and WON'T cut corners.

Being back at 28 points is depressing as it feels like all I am doing is going backwards.

£15 is about to get transferred into my savings account as a harsh punishment for my actions.

Moneywise I could have done better this week. Although I stayed under budget I played very fast and loose with the idea of what should be included in that budget so I think I need to establish some strict rules for the upcoming week.

This week is busy, as usual, but not too much going on which should mess up my Weight & Money Watching. I am going to the cinema and Nando's on Wednesday with my good friend. Going to spend 5 weeklies and pretty much all my weekly money budget on this (Seeing Les Mis though so sooooo worth it.) On Saturday I am actually catering for my parent's friends who are coming to stay (!). (This is a really big deal for me - a year ago I couldn't cook anything for my parents, and now they consider me good enough to cook for their friends!) There will probably be much food and a glass of wine or three, but as I will be cooking everything I will be able to control it. I will save all 44 other weeklies for that. If there are any left over I will use them for a bit of Sunday comfort food, but am not going to treat it as an overdraft during weekdays.

I am keeping my faith in Weight Watchers and am going to do three targets this and every week, based around the three themes of Food, Exercise and Money. Going to keep them simple each week so I can at least feel like I have achieved something.

Week 2 Food Target - Count & Point EVERYTHING.
Week 2 Exercise Target - Work out on 4 days out of 7 (minimum).
Week 2 Money Target - Don't buy anything without knowing in my head how much it is going to cost (I am awful with doing this).



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  1. It sounds like you've got a plan, I know you'll do great this week, I hope you enjoy your girly night!