Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy new year etc

So it's 2013. 2012 was a good year for me. Here are some positive healthy things I achieved in 2012.

  • I started making my own lunch and taking it to work. Until about May this year I always, ALWAYS ate lunch from a cafe or something. This is bad! I can't tell you how much my working life has improved since I started bringing my own packed lunches - I'm saving about £30 a week, for a start, as well as probably about a gazillion calories, and have more time as I don't have to go anywhere to get anything, and if the working day is crazy I know that I will still have time to just grab my lunch from the fridge and eat it at my desk rather than skip lunch altogether. I could not recommend doing this enough to anyone. 
  • I started jogging for fun. HAHAHA. I am yet to break 'week 1' on the couch to 5k plan, but I still went through a few jogs round and about my seaside hometown and London over 2012 which is something I would have previously thought unthinkable.
  • I joined Weight Watchers, which changed my life, etc, etc. I stopped eating ready meals and takeaways and learnt to cook for myself. 
  • I got to be in London during the Olympics which was nice and even had the amazing opportunity to go and watch the Athletics. I am not really into sports at all and never have been but I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the '2012' experience.
  • And in April I did the best thing I have probably ever done and went 'travelling' around the West Coast of America with my boyfriend. I say travelling as it makes it sound more cool - essentially we just had a Travelodge type affair in LA which was our base and drove and stayed overnight in both San Francisco and Las Vegas as well, but still it was utterly amazing! It's the sort of thing I dreamed about doing as a child and never thought I would actually be able to do.
However some of the pictures from California were so horrific that they were kind of what inspired me to lose weight. I am too ashamed to even post some of them, literally, but here is an example of what I looked like in San Francisco: 

And here I am in the Canary Islands (another amazing holiday as all of our expeditions turn out to be) six months later:

Yes I know, hardly 'let's get her into the Daily Mail as an inspiration!!!' weight loss, but I like to think, a noticeable weight loss. 

Unfortunately I have yet to climb back down to the weight I was in October on holiday, but New Year new start whatever and I am back on it. As I earlier said, not officially back on Weight Watchers until Monday 7th for a myriad of reasons, but definitely trying to cut down and watch what I am eating already. 

2013 Healthy Resolutions
  • It goes without saying.... get to goal weight.
  • Always track points, all of the time, even if going over them.
  • When the days get longer and the weather less horrible, start jogging again and this time actually complete couch to 5k. 
  • Vary the fruit and vegetables I eat more, and eat more of them.
  • Ban self from baking except for special occasions - forever a disaster. 
  • Stop buying so many clothes all the time especially as I am trying to drop dress sizes
  • And overall, try to have a more positive body image. Don't compare myself to other people all the time as it just makes me feel sad. 

Much love to anyone who reads this as you help me feel accountable xxxxxxxx

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